Welcome to Park Laurel

Elevators Finished

I am pleased to report that all of the elevators are online and ready to be of service. All of the testing this week went flawlessly thanks to the pre-testing that we did last week, and all of the hard work of your Park Laurel Team and the elevator mechanics. 

There are a few items that we need to adjust during the coming weeks, so you will still see the elevator crews running around for at least the next 2-3 weeks. 

On Monday, and possibly Tuesday, we have a few adjustments to make on the elevators for the 03/04 and 06/07 stacks (the ones that were just turned over today). We will send out a text when we are ready to start that work on each elevator. 

Both Service Elevators will also be taken out for one day later next week for adjustments. We will send out a text message/email as soon as we know more about those details next week. 

The elevators are equipped with the latest model of key fob readers. They are slightly larger. Some residents have reported that the reader isn’t picking up their fob. Please hold your fob in the middle of the reader, and it will read it just fine. 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this elevator modernization. Your support and accommodations have been instrumental in seeing this project through. 

Amenity Reopening Plan

The Association is pleased to reopen the BBQs and Fire Pit effective Friday, May 22nd. Liability waivers are available at the Front Desk, and must be signed prior to using the BBQs. Please remember to call down to confirm a BBQ is available. Don’t forget to wipe down the knobs and handles with sanitizer before and after using them.

A phased reopening plan is being distributed to all residents this week that discusses our plan with each amenity.

Thank you for being cautious in the common areas during these unusual times. We appreciate you!

Community Updates

A very happy Friday to you. Thank you to everyone for your patience and cooperation with social distancing around the community. We are happy to have a happy and healthy community, and it takes all of us to keep it safe.  

Copies of this week’s Life at Home from Action Property Management have been emailed out, and printed copies left in the Mail Room.

You may have noticed an early morning tree removal today. During an inspection late yesterday, we noticed that one of our queen palms at the corner of Sixth and Maple had structural issues at its base, possibly due to some kind of pest. The tree was unstable and needed immediate removal. We will be discussing replacement very soon.

Next week, we have a consultant that will be inspecting the building’s exterior in the 04 and 06 stacks. We will be outside of the living rooms in both areas. You may wish to keep your curtains closed for privacy, if need-be.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend!!

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