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Leak Detection System Install

Water Shutdown Schedule

South Tower

  • PH – 2/19
  • 12 – 2/19
  • 11 – 2/19 & 2/20
  • 10 – 2/19 & 2/21
  • 9 – 2/19 & 2/24
  • 8 & 7 – 2/19 & 2/25
  • 6 & 5 – 2/19 & 2/26
  • 4 & 3 – 2/19 & 2/27
  • 2 & G – 2/19 & 2/28

North Tower

  • PH & 12 – 3/2
  • 10 & 9 – 3/3
  • 8 & 7 – 3/4
  • 6 & 5 – 3/5
  • 4 – Already completed
  • 3 & 11 – 3/6
  • 2 & G – Already Completed

Please expect your water to be off between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm on the dates listed above.

Restroom facilities are available by the Gym, Pool, North Tower Ground Service Hallway, and Concierge Desk.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding during these necessary shutdowns.

February 7th Community Updates

We hope that you had a great week! There are a few updates that we have for you this week.

Window Washing Updates

The hard water removal in the North Tower is going really well! The windows are coming out nicely. We are removing all of the hard water stains on the North Tower during this cycle and will remove all of the hard water in the South Tower during the next cleaning in April.

Once all of the windows are cleaned, we will lower the davits on both roofs.

Elevator Updates

The elevator project is going very smoothly. There are a few important dates that we want to let you know about.

  • Friday, March 13th – The elevator cabs for the 01/02 and 05/08 stacks are due back in-service.
  • Friday, March 13th – Both service elevators will be taken out of service for the day for minor adjustments.
  • Monday, March 16th – The elevator cabs for the 03/04 and 06/07 stacks will be taken out of service. mgm
  • Saturday, March 21st – Crane Day. The remainder of the old elevators will be craned off of the roof, and the final set of elevators will be craned up. Fifth Avenue will be closed beginning at 6:00 am.
  • Friday, July 3rd – The elevator cabs for the 03/04 and 06/07 stacks are estimated to be back in service.

The schedule above is subject to changes.

New Fob Readers

The service elevators were the first to receive the updated fob reader from the manufacturer of those devices. The new reader is bulkier than its predecessor.

Some reported that their fobs weren’t reading as quickly as before, and after looking into this issue with the manufacturer, we learned a couple of things.

First, the reader picks up on the regular fobs quickly — no issues with the round or oval fobs.

However, the garage remotes are explicitly modified by the manufacturer for Park Laurel to include a fob inside. It isn’t a standard-issue product and therefore doesn’t operate on the same frequency as the regular fobs. If you are using a garage remote in the service elevator, you will need to hold it up to the center of the reader. The outside edges/corners of the reader will not pick up the garage remotes. After learning this, we tried it and it worked just fine.

Community Updates

Window Washing

We have begun window washing in the South Tower. We were in the 06-stack on Thursday and will continue working around the South Tower next week. The North Tower window cleaning will commence on or around Monday, January 27th.

Miguel Corona – Employee of the Quarter

Congratulations to Miguel Corona for winning Employee of the Quarter from Action Property Management. Miguel has provided unsurpassed service to the residents at Park Laurel over the past eight years, and we are very proud that he won this award. Working with Miguel for the past five years has been an honor, and I have learned a lot from his hospitable nature and positive outlook. Congratulations, Miguel!!

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