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Holiday Info

With the holidays approaching, we would like to remind you about certain items. 

During the last few weeks, we have noticed many unbroken boxes in the recycling bin(s) on P1.  This is a courtesy reminder that all boxes should be broken down at all times.  Failure to do so may result in a violation. 

When checking out carts/dollies, we ask that you be courteous and return them promptly after each use.  There is a high demand for carts during the holidays, and we don’t have many carts to go around for everyone.  Please return them after you are done using them.  The Concierge continues to disinfect all carts after each use.  

Christmas Trees:
If you plan on bringing in a fresh tree this year, please make sure that it is bagged when brought through the common areas. Additionally, if it leaves any needles in the common areas, please make sure to go back and clean them up. 

After Christmas, trees may be bagged and dropped off in the designated drop off area by the Recycle Bin on P1 in the North Tower. We will place signs up right before Christmas. 

This year, more than ever, we all have to do our part to ensure a better living experience for all.  

Thank you in advance for your community spirit!  

COVID Tier Update

Today, the State placed San Diego into the Purple (widespread) Tier based on the County’s statistics over the past two weeks. 

Our amenity operations are compliant with the Purple Tier, so no adjustments need to be made within our Community. 

If you are wondering how this affects the different businesses around town, please take a look at the attached Blueprint from the State’s website. 

Thank you for your cooperation with wearing masks and keeping a safe distance from those around you in the common areas. 

Windows, Election & Happy Halloween 🎃

Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour before bed this Saturday night.

Window Repairs

Next Tuesday, November 3rd, the Association will begin making waterproofing repairs that were recommended by our consultant in the 06 stack. The repairs will take place Tuesday through Friday.

Additional repairs will be made in the 06, 03 and 04 stacks soon after. We are working through the complete schedule with all parties and we’ll keep you apprised.

Window Washing

The final window cleaning of 2020 will take place November 9th through November 21st. We will be starting with the South Tower.

Election Week

Election Day is next Tuesday. We have made preparations and have a plan in-place in case there is any unrest next week. Please find the attached summary of some of the preparations that we’ve made and a few suggestions that you may consider. Your safety and the security of our Community is our top priority.

Have a Happy Halloween!!

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