4th Quarter Projects

Posted By on October 4, 2017


2017 has been a very busy year at Park Laurel. The year began with rains that helped our water crisis and also helped pinpoint waterproofing opportunities in the building.

Water has been our foe this year. In addition to the rains, we had 19 water leaks within the building. As you know, this takes an incredible amount of time to manage and money to repair. Some have been homeowner responsibility, but most have fallen on the operating funds of the Association. Most common water leaks have been water heater failures, pipe leaks, and drain overflows. Water leaks are often sudden and unforeseeable, but we try to minimize wherever possible.

Throughout the year, we had some projects successfully carried out and are now preparing for the final projects of 2017. Here is a list of projects that are on the horizon over the next few months that we would like to make you aware of:

  • October 16th through the 27th – Window Seal repairs. This will involve resealing all the windows that leaked during this year’s rain. It will be done from the outside of the building with our window washing equipment.
  • October 30th through November 10th – Third and final window washing of 2017. The first window cleaning of 2018 will occur in May.
  • November 13th through November 20th – Re-waterproofing of the garage exit ramp. The ramp will be closed for one week. One way traffic through the entrance ramp.
  • November 20th through November 27th – Re-waterproofing of the garage entrance ramp. The ramp will be closed for one week. One way traffic through the exit ramp.
    • Also, the deck outside of the Prado Room will be stripped down and re-waterproofed this same week. There won’t be any access to the Prado Room or the South Tower from the pool deck for one week.
  • November 27th through December 2nd – Wall injections on P1 in the South Tower. Spaces 138-144 will be relocated for the week.
  • December 4th through December 9th – Wall injections on P1 in the South Tower. Spaces 145-150 will be relocated for the week.
  • December 11th through December 15th – Wall injections on P2 in the South Tower. Spaces 242-249 will be relocated for the week.

More information will be sent out about each project as they near.

We thank you for all of your patience and cooperation during these projects. We realize that some of these will pose a little inconvenience and we apologize for that.


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