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Posted By on July 31, 2020

We hope that you are staying well! Thanks again to everyone for their cooperation with wearing masks in the common areas. We have been very fortunate thus far, and with your cooperation, we hope that everyone stays well!

If you are looking for something to do during this unique time, you may want to try a jigsaw puzzle. One of our residents is loaning their puzzles to the community. If you would like to borrow one, you can find them in the Prado Room. The resident has asked that they be returned by mid-September.

Board Meeting Summary
The Board of Directors met in Regular Session last Thursday, July 23rd. The following is a brief summary of the meeting;
• The Board approved investment recommendations from our investment broker at UnionBanc.
• The Board discussed and approved a proposal for water testing two locations that have caused leaks over the past few years, and that we haven’t been able to ascertain on our own. That water testing will take place in the next 4-5 weeks.
• The Board approved the relocation of select cardio equipment and weights from the Fitness Center into the 2nd Floor Loggia so that we could still provide workout options while the County is requiring indoor gyms to be closed.
• The Board resolved to undergo a Bylaw rewrite since there have been so many updates with Civil Code and some of the language is outdated. The Board will review a draft at the next meeting and send the proposed changes out to the Ownership for a vote as soon as they are ready.
• The Board approved the recommendation for move coordinators that will help facilitate the moves onsite. This is a common practice amongst the downtown communities, and one that is very important to the security of the building. The fees for this will be fronted by the resident when they request the move in or move out.
• The Board discussed some of the proposed changes to the rules and regulations and design guidelines. This is still a work in progress and a draft will be sent to the Ownership for review and comment once the proposed draft is ready in the Fall.
• We will likely have a Regular Session meeting next month on August 20th at 5:00 pm on Zoom. More information will be sent to the Ownership at least four days before the meeting.

Annual Fire Alarm Testing
We will be conducting the annual in-unit fire alarm testing on Monday, August 17th and Tuesday, August 18th. On these days, we will be entering every condo to make sure that the audibles are working inside of your condo and to make sure that none of the sprinklers are damaged.

The alarm testing will begin with the North Tower penthouses on 8/17 at 9:00 am. We will work our way down as quickly as possible. The South Tower will be done on Tuesday, August 18th starting with the penthouses at 9:00 am. Because the alarms will be sounded on 3 floors at a time, we cannot make individual appointments as it affects too many residents. A reminder will be sent as the date gets closer.

HVAC Service
If you have not yet had an opportunity to service your HVAC this year, we would recommend scheduling an appointment before it gets too hot out. The ACs in each condo are commercial grade and designed to be serviced twice per year, but most only service them once per year.

If you need a recommendation for HVAC service, we would recommend 5 Diamond Mechanical. You can enroll in a Membership for only $12 per month on their website: or by calling them at 833-353-4822.

Have a safe and pleasant weekend!


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