EV Charging Stations

Posted By on February 3, 2021

The Board of Directors adopted the rules below for Electric Vehicles. In addition, the new EV charging system will be installed by the end of April.

Existing EV Users – If you currently have an EV charging station, the Association will be relocating your wiring to the new EV subpanel closest to your parking space. Any wall-mount charger that you have from your auto manufacturer will be taken down and returned to you. This will be replaced with an EverCharge Wall-Mounted Charger. You will need to establish an account with EverCharge prior to installation. EverCharge will send you a card that you swipe each time you plug-in your vehicle to charge. All billing and reading will be handled by EverCharge after installation. We will need to know the maximum amount of amps your vehicle will accept so that we can order the correct wall-mount charger. Please email me within the next seven days with that information. If you are unsure, please let me know, and I can help you locate that information. Once your system is swapped out, your existing 11-page agreement with the Association will terminate, and the rules below will take their place.

New EV Users – If you are planning to purchase an Electric Vehicle before summer, please contact me for pricing and scheduling. The price varies based on whether you need an 80amp or 48amp charger. A tiny percentage of Teslas can accept 80A. Otherwise, you will likely charge at 48A, which is ample for most everyone. Pricing is around $3,500 per station.

You may also share a charging station with your parking neighbor immediately next to your space to reduce installation costs. This agreement would be between the two of you, but it would be an option.

Electric Car Charger. Each Residential Condominium is entitled to one breaker on the Electric Vehicle Circuitry. The Owner must submit a Design Review Request form for an electric vehicle connection from the Forms section of this Handbook to the Association Manager, at least fourteen (14) days in advance.

1.1 Charger Sharing. Residents may opt to share a charger with the adjacent parking Owner. If so, the charger may be placed between both parking spaces, so long as the cord does not create a trip hazard. Each Unit must have its own Membership with EverCharge.

1.2 Conduit. The Residential Owner is responsible for the cost of running the conduit connection from the closest EVCS panel to their Parking Space. The Association may require the Owner to use one of the preferred Association electricians. The conduit between the breaker panel and the wall-mounted charger in the Parking Space is the responsibility of the Residential Owner.

1.3 Wall-Mounted Charger. The Owner is responsible for purchasing and maintaining a wall-mounted charger from EverCharge, which will meter the electrical usage. The maintenance and replacement of this wall-mounted charger is the responsibility of the Residential Owner. Non-EverCharge wall-mounted chargers will not be allowed.

1.4 Insurance. The Condominium Owner shall confirm insurance coverage with their homeowners’ insurance company for their individual charger.

1.5 Membership. The resident must enroll and maintain membership through EverCharge for charging services.

1.6 Payment and Delinquency. The Residential must make on-time payments to EverCharge for their electrical use. If at any time an Owner/Resident becomes delinquent with EverCharge, the Association reserves the right to turn off the breaker for their charging station until the account is current. Additionally, the Association reserves the right to assess the Residential Condominium Owner for the delinquent balance with EverCharge, and said amount would be subject to the Association’s Collection Policy.

Power Supply. To accommodate all Residential Condominiums, the Association or EverCharge may adjust the amount of power that is being used at any given time. There is no guarantee of the amount of amps, volts, or otherwise power that is provided at any given time; however, the load sharing system will accommodate as much as it can at any given time based on the needs and up to 80 amps maximum per charging station.


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