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Posted By on June 25, 2021

It is nice to see everyone’s smiles again! Thank you for all of your patience over the past 16 months!

The Board met last Thursday, June 17th. A few updates from the meeting;

  • Community Handbook – The remaining revisions to Sections 5.8, 12.5, 15.8, and the Package Policy were adopted as proposed. The final copy is attached.
  • The Board approved the Social Committee’s request to resume Community events. The first one will likely take place in August/September. A save the date will be sent by the Committee once everything is confirmed.
  • The Board discussed the green initiative from SDG&E to purchase renewable energy and asked Management to survey the Community about the new program. This survey will be forthcoming next week.

At the meeting, Management provided additional updates on the following;

  • Noisy Work – In light of the noisy demolition work in the North Tower this month, we are consulting with experts to see if any changes should be made to current policies.
  • Window Washing – While we wait for our new single-man basket to be fabricated, we are working with OSHA on a variance to clean the windows with the baskets that we currently have at the building. Some windows, such as those immediately adjacent to the balconies, wouldn’t be cleaned, but everything else would. We are hoping OSHA will approve the one-time variance request in July so that we can clean the windows. This process started in November, right after our last cleaning, but due to a bottleneck in labor and materials, our equipment is delayed.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations – Management had a meeting with EverCharge and the City last week to resolve the hold-up of the plan approval. EverCharge is working on a final response to the City, which should be approved fairly quickly once submitted. If you are planning to purchase an EV or plug-in hybrid this year and have not yet contacted me, please let me know.
  • Window Latches – In the past two months, we’ve had two operable windows fall back on a resident while they were closing it. Upon inspection, we found that the latches that hold those windows in the tracks cracked and snapped off. Please take a moment to inspect your windows to see if any of the latches are cracking. If so, they will need to be replaced. Photos showing the location of these latches and what the cracked latch looks like are attached.

If you prefer to have the Association do this, please let me know. Since the operable windows are the individual owner’s responsibility, they would be subject to a maintenance fee for inspection and repairs as outlined in the Fee Schedule of the Community Handbook.

Please note that this issue has nothing to do with whether or not the window is difficult to open or close; that is an issue with the balancers inside the windows and would be repaired by Scripps Mesa Glass (858-487-4477).

Lastly, please remember that parking in any commercial spaces, whether in the Chase customer garage off of 5th Avenue or the employee parking on P1, cannot be used between 7:30 am and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. The Association has an obligation to enforce the parking rules for our commercial units. If you have any guests coming during the times listed above, please make sure you tell them to park offsite or in your own deeded space in the underground garage.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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