Out of Town Checklist

Posted By on May 19, 2023

Whether you’re going out of town for the weekend or leaving for two weeks, here are a few essential things you should always do around your home before your departure. By following the 6 tips listed below, you can leave with peace of mind and return to your home just as you left it. 

This flyer can be placed on the wall in your laundry room, inside a cabinet door, or wherever you please.  We hope this works as an easy reminder for you. 

1. Notify the Front Desk

Please remember to notify the front desk when you will be away from your condo. This will help staff be aware of who may access the unit during your time away and who your emergency contact will be if something occurs in the unit. 

2. Turn Water Off

Turning off your water is one of the most important things you should always remember to do when leaving your unit unattended for a period of time. This can help save you from not only stress and headaches but also from spending thousands on repairs. To make arrangements for your water to be shut off, please contact the Front Desk or Management in advance of your departure date.   

3. Place Water Leak Sensor in Kitchen Sink

In addition to turning off the water, please remember o place the water detection sensor inside your kitchen sink.  This is a great practice even when leaving for the evening if you have dinner plans.  The sensor will alert the Front Desk immediately if a kitchen sink backup occurs so that we can work to prevent further damage from occurring to your unit and the unit below.

4. Adjust the Thermostat

By adjusting your thermostat according to the season, you can save both energy and money by not heating/cooling an empty home. If your trip is during a warmer season of the year, then set the thermostat to a higher temperature while you’re away (no higher than 85 degrees). If your trip is during a colder season, then set the thermostat to a lower temperature (no lower than 50 degrees).  Don’t forget to have your HVAC unit maintained at least once a year. 

5. Unplug Electronics

Another way to save energy and money is to unplug and switch off any electronics at home that will not be used while you’re gone. This simple step can include unplugging your television and turning off all of your lights.   

6. Remove Waste

There’s nothing worse than coming home and asking “What’s that smell?” Make sure to clean out all trash bins, and remove any perishables that may go bad while you’re away.  

For any additional tips or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Front Desk at (619)696-6402 or via email at: concierge@parklaurel.net


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